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At Bigelow Flooring, we believe that flooring is one of the most important parts of your home.

Bigelow Flooring provides professional installation for residential and commercial projects and believes in providing outstanding customer service from start to finish. We understand the value of spending time with your loved ones and we want to make sure that time is spent in the most comfortable environment possible.

Floors are more than what you walk on everyday.They’re where babies crawl and take their first steps, where we play mini sticks with our kids while we watch Team Canada win the gold medal, and where we sit while reading a book wrapped in a blanket next to warm fire.

Our staff of experts will help you choose the best option for your floor from our extensive range of products. We work closely with you in the selection process to make sure you are not only happy with the flooring you are choosing, but we also discuss design details and layout of these products in your home. We help make the process less stressful and put you at ease.

Comprehensive Estimates

We hear the questions such as “How much is this going to cost? Can you give me a quote?” all the time. We love helping our customers, and we are happy to help them understand the investment involved in making their floors look and feel amazing. Many people do not realize that there is typically more information required to get a concrete idea of what a project will involve.

Having a flooring professional measure your floors is one of the best ways to help us answer your questions, as well as give you a clear idea of the investment needed. By coming out to measure your floors we’ll be able to determine things like where seams in the floor are, the dimensions of the room, which way the floor should be running as well as any complexities unique to the space.

On top of that, when we’re there, we’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • Who will be moving the furniture?
  • What will happen with the baseboards?
  • What will be in the transition sections between rooms?
  • Will existing flooring need to be removed?

Flooring Installation

At Bigelow Flooring, we take the time to do the job right and we stand behind our installers quality workmanship. We check in during the installation to ensure that your new floors will look their best. Customer satisfaction is very important to us! Here’s a list of the types of flooring that we help you select from:

  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Luxury Vinyl tile & plank
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Carpet & Area Rugs
  • Cork
  • We welcome you to visit our showroom and see all of what Bigelow Flooring has to offer.

Our People