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Michael MacIntyre, Sr.

Michael MacIntyre, Sr.

Funeral Director

It was early spring, in 1933, when my father, Gilbert MacIntyre, opened the doors of his funeral parlour on Quebec Street, Guelph. He was only 23 years old but he knew even then that this is what he wanted to do. He also ran an ambulance service out of the same location. In 1938, the Dublin Street house was purchased, and our family lived upstairs. I recall many times sitting at the top of the stairs, as quiet as could be, watching people come and go and getting a glimpse of my Dad at work. He was my idol and my friend. It was during those quiet moments that I, too, realized that this is what I wanted to do - serve people as a funeral director.

The Dublin Street house and the neighbouring property have undergone many changes over the years to accommodate the needs of the families in our community. In 1998, we opened the first funeral chapel in the village of Rockwood; and located in the heart of the growing south end of Guelph, the Hart Chapel was built in 2004.

Although my father passed away in 1994, I know his spirit and influence is still very much alive in our funeral homes. And I have the privilege of working with my four children, Michael Jr., Peter, Andrew, and Stephanie. "Gib" would be so proud.

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