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Meadowville Garden Centre Inc

In 1988, with a modest piece of land and few dollars they had saved, Joe and Joanne Saliba set out to establish what would eventually become one of Wellington County’s longest standing garden and landscape centers.

Determined to succeed from the very start, Joe and Joanne initially ran the business from their garage where they sold various plants and garden supplies to Guelph residents—all while constructing their very first nursery/greenhouse (by hand) in their downtime.

Since those early days, Meadowville Garden Centre has gone on to become on of Guelph’s largest provider of gardening supplies, landscape supplies, and outdoor living essentials.

Although the days of selling out of their garage are behind them, the customer service and expertise that helped them succeed remains.

Today, visitors to Meadowville Garden Centre enjoy browsing a seemingly endless selection of plants, flowers, shrubs and patio furniture, all while receiving expert advice on all things outdoors—helping them create their ultimate outdoor space to enjoy year after year.

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