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Encore Poly-Floor|Garage Floor Coatings

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About Encore Poly-Floor

Thinking about creating a new look floor for your garage, mud room, covered outdoor living spaces and anywhere else your imagines can come up with?

Selling your home and need some curb appeal?

Have you been waiting because you want to work with a local, trusted businesses?

Then Encore Poly-Floor can help!  

A division of Encore Decorating, we are family owned and operated since 1966!

Matthew and Melanie will come to your home to evaluate the space you want done to ensure it is a suitable candidate for their process before quoting.

You can see their professionally completed work in their Before and After Galleries.   Gallery 1  Gallery2

Want to upgrade your space and give your area a functional and professionally looking storage space?

Encore Poly-Flooring is also a Certified Trusted Installer for Trusscore, another locally owned company.

Have any questions?  Check out our FAQ’s HERE

We’re looking forward to working with you.  

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Unveiling the Beauty of Decorative Concrete

In the realm of interior design and home improvement, one trend has been steadily gaining traction over the years – the decorative concrete industry. Among its various techniques and applications, the epoxy flake floor process stands out as a transformative method that not only enhances the aesthetics of a space but also provides durability and functionality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the installation of epoxy flake floors in garages, a procedure that carries significant importance for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

Why Choose an Epoxy Flake Floor for Your Garage?

Garages are more than just spaces for parking vehicles; they often serve as multifunctional areas for storage, workshops, and recreational activities. As such, they endure heavy foot traffic, vehicular movement, and exposure to various chemicals and fluids. 

Installing an epoxy flake floor offers several compelling reasons for garage owners:

Durability: Epoxy flake floors are renowned for their exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use without succumbing to wear and tear. The epoxy resin forms a robust, seamless surface that is resistant to stains, abrasions, and impacts, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Enhanced Safety: The incorporation of decorative flakes not only adds visual appeal but also serves a functional purpose by enhancing traction. This feature is especially crucial in garages where spills or wet conditions can pose safety hazards. The textured surface created by the flakes improves grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Aesthetic Versatility: Epoxy flake floors offer virtually limitless design possibilities, allowing homeowners to customize their garage floors according to their preferences. With a wide array of colors, sizes, and patterns available, individuals can create unique, eye-catching surfaces that complement the overall aesthetics of their property.

Chemical Resistance: Garages are susceptible to exposure to automotive fluids, oils, and other chemicals that can mar traditional flooring materials. Epoxy flake floors boast excellent chemical resistance, safeguarding against stains and degradation caused by these substances. This feature not only preserves the floor's appearance but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance efforts.

Understanding the Epoxy Floor Installation Process

Before embarking on an epoxy flake floor installation project, homeowners often have several questions regarding the process:

Surface Preparation: The key to a successful epoxy floor installation lies in thorough surface preparation. This typically involves cleaning the existing floor to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants, followed by mechanical abrasion (diamond grinding) to promote adhesion.  Cracks and spalling are repaired using resin based slurry and mortar mixtures.

Primer Application: A primer coat is applied to the prepared surface to enhance bonding between the substrate and the epoxy resin. This step ensures proper adhesion and helps prevent issues such as bubbling or delamination. Priming acts as a vapor barrier, blocking moisture from within and beneath the concrete slab from surfacing.

Epoxy Application: Once the primer has cured, the epoxy resin is mixed and applied evenly across the floor surface. Professional installers use specialized tools and techniques to achieve a smooth, uniform coating. The vinyl flake is then broadcast in the wet resin.

Topcoat Application: To enhance durability and UV resistance, a clear topcoat is applied over the epoxy flake layer. This protective layer seals the surface, providing added strength and longevity to the floor.

Curing and Drying: The final stage involves allowing the epoxy system to cure and dry completely. Depending on environmental conditions and the specific product used, this process typically takes 24 to 72 hours before the floor can bear foot traffic.

(HEPA “H” class dust extraction is exercised at each stage of preparation)

Comparing Epoxy and Polyaspartic Materials

While epoxy remains a popular choice for decorative concrete coatings, polyaspartic and polyurea materials have gained prominence in recent years. Here's a brief comparison of these options:

  • Epoxy: Known for its exceptional durability and versatility, epoxy is a time-tested choice for epoxy flake floor systems. It offers superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and customizable aesthetics. However, epoxy coatings may yellow or degrade when exposed to UV radiation over time.
  • Polyaspartic: Polyaspartic coatings share many similarities with epoxy but offer faster curing times and greater UV stability. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor applications, cold temperature applications and environments with prolonged sun exposure. Polyaspartic coatings also exhibit excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.  Polyaspartic coatings are always used as the final seal coat in the garage floor coating process.

Encore Poly-Floor: Your Premier Choice for Garage Flake Floor Systems

When it comes to installing garage flake floor systems, Encore Poly-Floor stands out as the premier choice. With years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, Encore Poly-Floor delivers superior results that exceed customer expectations. Their team of skilled professionals utilizes high-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure flawless installations that stand the test of time.

Contact Encore Poly-Floor today to transform your garage with a stunning epoxy flake floor:

Elevate your space with Encore Poly-Floor and experience the beauty and durability of decorative concrete at its finest.

Common Questions: 

Q: What is the purpose of an Epoxy /Polyaspartic Flake Floor system in a residential garage?

A: The primary reasons to consider an epoxy/polyaspartic flake floor in your garage are:  Aesthetics, Cleanliness, and creating a surface to help with traction.  Coating your garage floor minimizes dust, as it is often the concrete itself contributing  to a dusty environment through it's own deterioration.  Epoxy/Polyasparic coatings can provide protection from staining,  most chemical spills (with the exception of diesel fuel, acetone and xylene). And does not deteriorate from the presence of salts.  Your floor can be washed down with a hose, and "hot tire pick-up" will not delaminate the finish. 

In Industrial and Commercial applications, epoxy coatings are required for durability under machinery, washability and the impedance of electrical conductivity and biological growth. 

Q: What is Trusscore?

A: Trusscore is a Canadian company with manufacturing facilities in Palmerston Ontario.  Trusscore manufactures a PVC tongue and groove wallboard system that is a more "garage appropriate" ceiling and wall surface material compared to traditional drywall, as it can get wet and resists the growth of mold and mildew.  Trusscore also manufactures a "slat-wall" system which is particularly clever in a garage, basement or laundry room as an organizational tool.  Most clever, the ceiling and wall panels and the slatwall material are designed to seamlessly integrate when installed together.

Encore Poly-Floor is proud to be a member of the Trusscore Trusted Installer program.

Q: How long do the floors last?  Do you have a warranty?

A: The longevity of an epoxy floor varies on many factors such as the nature of use, and  changing ground moisture levels etc.  The products we use are designed for industrial and commercial applications, intended for tow motor and machinery traffic.  We are confident that normal day to day use, such as driving/parking etc. should give you many years of use without issue.  We believe in, and stand behind the products we use, and we never cut corners during the preparation and application process.  We offer a 5 year limited warranty.

​Q: If I would like to proceed with the estimate Encore has submitted, what's next?

A: If you are satisfied with the price, terms, and you understand the warranty information as it is presented on the estimate, we would ask that you pay a deposit. We will then work out a date for the install.

​Q: How can the floor be glossy and also slip resistant?

A: The "Flake" system flooring adds texture to the floor. The more flake that is broadcast into the epoxy, the more traction the finished product will have. This is called "broadcast to rejection" meaning, Flake is thrown into the epoxy, until the wet epoxy cannot accept more flake  (the excess flake is then removed after curing).  The top polyaspartic seal coat is indeed glossy, but is spread at a rate allowing the flake to present it's texture.  If additional traction is required, we can also broadcast a small amount of aluminum oxide to the seal coat. Of course, wet and Icy conditions always present more of a danger to slip, no matter what surface you are walking on.

At the time of estimating, we can present a sample of the flake system which you can step on and test for yourself!

Q: How long has Encore been in business?

A: Encore has been in business as "Encore Decorating", a painting and decorating service since 1966.  It was started by John Kwantes in Mississauga's Clarkson Village.  Matthew (John's son) has been a part of Encore since 1995, and has been sole proprietor since 1999.  Still a painting and decorating service, Encore has branched into Epoxy coatings and officially launched Encore Poly-Floor in 2022.

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