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Jesse Giovinazzo

Jesse Giovinazzo

Spending most of his life as a Guelphite, Jesse knows the ins and outs of the city. Jesse enjoys playing many different sports – he grew up playing rep basketball, house league hockey, and had a golf membership at Guelph Country Club for many years. He can still be found on the golf course or playing men’s league ball hockey. Jesse also thoroughly enjoys cooking – he loves to try new recipes he finds online or making some up as he goes.

Jesse is a Brock University graduate with an Honours Bachelor in Business Administration with concentration in marketing. With his education and work experience, Jesse has the perfect pairing of sales and marketing, while maintaining a high level of customer service on a personalized level.

Jesse has recently purchased his first house and has decided to house hack! He has converted his basement into a legal apartment. Undertaking this project has given him tremendous experience and knowledge of this process, and what to look for when purchasing a house to ensure it is optimal for house hacking. He also has experience with being a landlord and the process of interview/vetting candidates.

If you have any questions about Guelph real estate, Jesse would love to assist you!

Beth and Ryan Waller, Keller Williams Home Group Realty

About Beth and Ryan Waller, Keller Williams Home Group Realty

About Beth and Ryan’s real estate team Beth and Ryan Waller are long time Guelphites- Ryan grew up in the Willow West area and Beth from the Kortright Hills area.