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We have created a space to not only pamper you, but you make you feel at home. Here you are treated not just as a client, but as a best friend and family member. You deserve a space to escape and unwind, a space that makes you feel like you belong. Our studio is a safe and inclusive space for everyone and we can't wait to welcome you.

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The 5 Pillars Of Self Care

When is the last time you practiced self-care?  With these trying times it is harder   now more than ever for people to take the time to care for themselves. We have jobs, families and other responsibilities  and stressors that we put before ourselves. Often we feel guilty for taking  time to focus on what makes us happy, maybe you don’t know what to do for your own self-care. I want to introduce you to my 5 pillars of self-care.  These 5 pillars are things that I have personally been working on each day. Some days I am better at it than others and that... Read More

Keratin Lash Infusion. Why is it so great?

Using patented technology, Keratin Lash Infusion ™ (KLI) offers much more than a traditional lash lift and tint. KLI infuses pure keratin into each lash, giving the appearance of lashes that look 40% thicker, are healthy with a beautiful lift. Adding a lash tint intensifies the look of this spectacular treatment. Hello Gorgeous Beauty Studio is currently the only spa offering this amazing treatment. How is KLI different from other lash lift treatments? Free of Thioglycolic acid and sodium bromate. Both of these ingredients can cause over processing and damage to the cuticles, leaving your lashes looking frizzy and un-healthy. Repairs over processed or damaged... Read More

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