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Welcome to Cool Aunt Creatives, the social hub for the 9-5 crowd, founded in September 2022 by Lauren Martin—a visionary in landscape architecture and environmental psychology. We're more than just a community hub; we're a movement dedicated to creating vibrant social spaces for those navigating the space between work and senior living.

Our Vision: Cool Aunt Creatives embraces the "cool aunt" and "funcle" lifestyle, redefining social connections post-university. We offer diverse programs, from makers markets to craft workshops and summer camps, recognizing that everyone deserves a space to make friends and enjoy life beyond work.

About Lauren Martin: Inspired by the often-overlooked age group between school and senior living, Lauren combines her extroverted nature with an understanding of social anxieties. Committed to universal design, she creates spaces and programs that invite introverts and extroverts to coexist authentically.

Building Connections in Adulthood: Cool Aunt Creatives addresses the challenge of building connections in adulthood, providing a space for individuals to make friends and enjoy life beyond work. Our programs accommodate different social preferences, recognizing that being introverted is not the same as being anti-social.

Evolution into Cool Aunt Creatives: In the past year, Cool Aunt Creatives has evolved into a dynamic community hub, offering weekly craft workshops, community events, and the Cool Aunt Creatives Junior—a nature and craft summer camp. We encourage collaboration through private parties, workshops, and business collaborations.

Today at Cool Aunt Creatives:

  • Markets: Partnering with local crafters, we host markets to showcase their products and connect with other creatives, supporting local vendors and venues.
  • Workshops: Our "Sports with No Sports" workshops provide a unique, relaxed environment for like-minded individuals to meet, making it easier for introverts to feel included.
  • Camps: Introducing in 2024, our nature and craft camp focuses on movement, outdoor activities, and fostering a connection with nature.

Join us at Cool Aunt Creatives, where we're not just creating social spaces, but a movement that celebrates authentic connections, embraces diverse lifestyles, and fosters a sense of belonging for all.

Enchanted Forest Nature & Craft Camp

Join us for a magical adventure at our Enchanted Forest camp! Designed for ages 5-12, this week-long experience is filled with nature exploration, creative crafts, and exciting games. Campers will discover the wonders of the enchanted forest, learning about flora, fauna, and sustainability in a fun and interactive way. Led by experienced instructors, this camp inspires kindness, courage, and a love for the environment. Enroll your child today for a week of enchantment and outdoor fun!


Wild Safari Nature & Craft Camp

Embark on a thrilling safari adventure at our Wild Safari camp! Designed for ages 5-12, this week-long expedition takes campers on a journey to explore different cultures and the wilderness. Set in the magical Guelph safari, activities include safari crafts, storytelling, and teamwork-building games. Led by experienced instructors, this camp inspires wonder and curiosity about the world. Sign up your child today for an unforgettable safari experience!


Mythical Creatures Nature & Craft Camp

Discover the magic of mythical creatures at our enchanting camp! Designed for ages 5-12, this week-long adventure explores the wonders of unicorns, fairies, and dragons through storytelling, creative crafts, and imaginative games. Campers will learn about mythical creatures from around the world and their significance in nature. Led by experienced instructors, this camp inspires creativity, friendship, and a love for mythical tales. Enroll your child today for a week of mythical discoveries and fun!

2024 - Mystical Creatures Camp.png

Time Traveler's Adventure Nature & Craft Camp

Embark on an epic journey through time at our Time Travelers camp! Designed for ages 5-12, this week-long adventure transports campers to different eras and civilizations. Set in the past, present and future, activities include crafting, storytelling, and interactive games. Led by experienced instructors, this camp sparks curiosity, fosters friendships, and creates lasting memories. Enroll your child today for a week of time-traveling excitement!

2024 - Time Travelers' Adventure .png

Sports with No Sports Workshops

March 4, Reed Diffusers International Women's Day Workshop

Reed Diffusers.png


March 18, Fused Glass Workshop (1 ticket left)

Stained Glass.png


April 1, Felt Wreath Making Workshop

Felt Wreaths.png


April 8, TBD


April 15, Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop



April 29, Fused Glass Workshop

Fused Glass.png

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