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Why Choose Pilates in Guelph?

For our expertise and our community.

At Pilates in Guelph, we strive to maintain a nurturing and educational environment where each client, regardless of whether they are in a private lesson, small class or in a teacher training session, receives an enriching experience to enhance their own personal movement.

Pilates in Guelph is a tight-knit community with over 23 years operating in Guelph. We know your name, your class will miss you when you’re away and we will check on you if we don’t see you in a while, because the heart of Pilates In Guelph is its community of staff and clients.

With us, you will get more than a workout to lose weight and get fit. You will learn about how to use your body with greater efficiency and to avoid injury.

Pilates in Guelph is a peaceful sanctuary; perfect for the focus, connection and spirit of mindful fitness. Enjoy the motivating atmosphere and personal attention that our professional Pilates studios have to offer.

Pilates in Guelph provides beginner through advanced Pilates classes that help you build powerful and balanced strength and flexibility. We offer small group class sizes, private sessions, and teacher training.

Group Classes

Small group classes provide personalized attention in a group setting. Reformer, Tower, Barre, Yoga, Mat and more.

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Personal Session

Personalized sessions address you, your body and your goals. One on one sessions in studio or virtually.

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Teacher Training

Pilates in Guelph is honoured to teach Body Harmonics teacher training for the last 15 years. 

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Pilates in Guelph provides fun and fitness to anybody interested in learning the art of pilates. We have a variety of pilates sessions to address your personal preference and needs. Pilates in Guelph offers a full schedule of group classes from gentle beginner classes to challenging advanced classes. Do you have a physical goal you would like to achieve? We can help you through personalized one on one sessions to help you obtain your fitness ambitions. Our studio is a beautifully styled modern facility with a team that wants to help you succeed no matter what your skill level or goals are. We offer a free consultation to educate and recommend a program that works for you.

Are you interested in becoming a certified pilates teacher? Pilates in Guelph also offers Pilates Teacher Training. Take your knowledge of Pilates and the human body to the next level with our specialized training program. We help track your progress, development and knowledge every step of the way. We want to see you take the next step in your journey to become a pilates instructor!

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