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Choosing a perfect Christmas tree is also about the experience

Lots of things to consider when buying a real Christmas tree
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David Hartman and his wife Vicki at their Evergreen Tree Farm just north of Guelph. Barbara Geernaert for GuelphToday

'Tis the season to start thinking about finding that perfect Christmas tree. 

For many, the scent of a real tree, the allure of a family outing to choose a tree and the appeal of buying local are some of the reasons people continue to make the trip to their local tree farm year after year. 

“Yes, it’s about finding the right tree but it’s also about the experience. People will travel one to two hours to come here, they will sometimes spend a few hours, sit by the fire pit, and even have a snowball fight on our property,” says David Hartman, owner of Evergreen Tree Farm located just north of Guelph.

For Hartman and his wife, Vicki, it’s where memories are made. 

“It’s time in the country, breathing in the fresh air and time as a family,” Hartman says. 

But, when looking for the perfect tree, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

“Pick something you like, don’t worry about what others think. There are so many varieties to choose from.,” Hartman said. 

“It is personal preference, but it’s also a good idea to do a bit of research before hand.”

Before buying a tree, it’s important to decide where the tree will be displayed, and it should be kept away from direct heat sources such as fireplaces or furnace vents because these may cause the tree to use more water and dry faster. 

Having an electrical outlet near the tree will eliminate the need to run unsightly extension cords to the tree and taking measurements will ensure that there is adequate floor space for the height and width of the tree desired. 

Trees usually appear smaller outdoors than they do inside, so measuring a tree rather than relying on the “eyeball test” is a good idea when picking tree. 

“If purchasing your tree in November, a good choice would be a fir or a white pine because they have longer needle retention. They last longer,” Hartman said. 

According to Hartman there are four things to look for when choosing the perfect tree. 

“Number one is needle retention, then the colour, arm strength and lastly, the aroma,” he says.