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Let's Eat: Sharing a delicious Spanish omelette served up in Guelph

The Kitchenman, Wayne Serbu, shares memories and the recipe of the Spanish omelette he enjoyed so many times at a Guelph restaurant

In 1968 I arrived in Guelph returning from Banff after the end of the ski season. I worked there as a breakfast cook and started my apprenticeship with the CP Hotels. My next posting was for the Hotel Vancouver as a front line short order cook.

Being seasonal, the time off was spent going to the different colleges to upgrade my theory to proceed and make as much cash as possible to afford the cost of living in Vancouver. I had to stay in the well-used Wellington Hotel, finding a part-time cooking position at Churchills Landing and also a part-time position working at the Baker Street Firestone Store.

The first meal I had was lunch at the Treanon Restaurant. Seems like all the customers were from college or high school and a group of them were crammed into a booth with several orders of fries and gravy and cherry cokes all around, lip syncing a tune from the jukebox.

Lunch special was a Spanish omelette and it soon became a staple for me. I returned many times daily as it was one of those eateries that has what you like done consistently.

Today I return to Guelph regularly and so enjoy the culinary adventures found in the Royal City.

Here is the recipe for the Spanish omelette. I learned that some jobs sound great but thank goodness that I didn’t quit my hotel job learning to make unlimited Spanish omelettes at the Hotel Vancouver Panorama Dining Room.
In 1979 while in KW I also went on to make the Guiness Book World's Records largest omelette of 12,400 eggs shown on the front page of the 1981 edition getting the win ahead of six other city competitors world wide. I even helped weld the 30ft x 15ft cast iron frying pan. Great story and recipe.
Spanish omelette

You will need;

A rounded warm un-greased thick bottom omelette pan over low heat.

In a bowl mix three eggs with a half shell of cold water.

Just combine and don’t beat them.

Pepper and salt to taste.

Brush the pan with some butter and vegetable oil.

Turn heat to high and pour in the egg.

With a wooden spoon push the mixture to the centre letting the uncooked mix run to the edge.

Tipping the pan as you go.

Place your favourite grated cheese in the middle along with some fine sliced sauteed green onions, chopped green bell pepper, fresh chopped tomato along with pepper and salt, a tablespoon of chili sauce or Spanish salsa (ketchup with chopped coriander leaf, minced garlic chili powder and lime juice).

While the middle is still loose, flip over, place a spoon of sauce in the middle folding over like an envelope..

Turn Heat off and spatula out upside down onto a heated plate. Brush with some butter.

Note; The omelette will continue to cook when done this way and can be kept warm in a low temp oven. Make the others and side with a slice of melon and orange and some good coffee and multi grain toast.