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LETTER: Councillor defends city stance on heritage barn

'A community centred approach can still be a profitable one', councillor says of developer's bid to demolish building
A wall collapsed from this circa. 1850 stone barn at 2187 Gordon St.

GuelphToday received the following letter to the editor from Councillor Carly Klassen in response to the article City committee shoots down developer’s desire to demolish historic barn.

I received some correspondence from residents regarding Richard Vivian’s article. The tone of the article reads like the city’s Heritage Committee is “getting in the way of development”. Which is not the case.

When the developer purchased this property, they were aware that the property was on the municipal heritage registry. Which means there are rules to follow with respect to the preservation of this historic barn.

This land can still be developed. They just need to integrate the barn into their designs.

There are so many useful applications for a space like this one.

Future residents could rent out the space for their events, weddings could be hosted there, parties, community meetings and markets. The entire community could be designed around the celebration of Guelph’s agricultural history.

It could also be a great marketing feature for advertising the sale of the new housing.  

Rather than spending the time and money trying to knock down this historic place, use the money to restore it and make it a key feature of the new development.

A community centred approach can still be a profitable one.

Carly Klassen, Ward 2 City Councillor