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LETTER: Grocery stores don't deserve all the blame for high food costs

There are many steps along the way that add to increased food costs at grocery stores, says letter writer
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GuelphToday received the following letter to the editor from Laurie Jones.

Canada is dealing with the high costs of food.

Most of the staples are controlled by some kind of a board. Dairy, eggs, chicken, bread and many more products are price regulated as to give farmers a fair price for their products. The government has been blaming the grocery stores, but it is the cost starting from the farm, then the transportation.

The grocery store gets the product and now has to pay to run the store, stock the product, then sell the product. Every cost a long the way adds to the price before it hits the shelves. Then they can usually only sell the product for the amount set by all the food boards involved.

Blaming only the grocery store is only one of the problems. Now we also have a carbon tax that adds to the cost.

Laurie Jones