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LETTER: Living in the city 'can be a noisy proposition'

'You can't ban all the noise makers' says reader
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GuelphToday received the following letter from Diane Zinger about noise in Guelph.

Re: Delegates say noise cameras could help eliminate loud vehicles
Why do I think that classic cars and Harley Davidson's are going to be the targets of tickets resulting from these red light cameras?

I'm tired of being blamed for all the noise pollution in our communities. My classic car has a delightful pumpf, pumpf, pumpf when running and we don't have to race around town, her simple presence speaks for itself. And my Harley, it has a delightful. pumpf, pumpf-pumpfty. No need to speed around town making noise either.

I think the biggest culprits of noise are lawn mowers at 6 o'clock Sunday nights while one is trying to relax on ones backyard patio winding down the weekend before starting a new work week and the constant racing up and down the roads of side-by-sides, with the odd four-cylinder hot rod with juice cans and racing bikes, usually piloted by some 18 year old. Even garbage trucks are noisy. Just living in the city can be a noisy proposition, you can't ban all the noise makers!

Diane Zinger