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LETTER: Not a time for tax hikes as mortgage renewals loom

Reader asks: Can we not pause 'luxuries' like libraries and rec centres until population increases?
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GuelphToday received the following open letter to council from reader Glenn Urquhart about the planned property tax increase.

Dear council,

The planned property tax increase schedule to 2027 is beyond sustainable for many residents whose mortgages will be renewed in the coming two to three years. Not to mention our existing mortgage burden.

This is not the time for new libraries. This is not the time for new recreation centres.

Read the news! Pay attention to the economy!  

Guelph has been called out for not meeting the New Home Development Initiative. Once we have increased new home development and occupancy, then the luxuries of little-used libraries and a fancy new recreation centre can be better supported by a growing population whose property taxes will dilute the forecast increases.

Can we not pause these luxuries until we have reached X population?

What about corporate funding if these initiatives? Residents pay to use these facilities – that should be enough.

While on the topic of corporate, what is the current corporate tax rate and the proposed corporate tax plan to 2027?

Glenn U.