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LETTER: Options need to be found to help those who need housing

Other cities, such as Halifax, have used fishing huts while Kitchener built a 'better tent city'

GuelphToday received the following letter to the editor from Margarete Bluhm.

Regarding Bill Barrett's letter to the editor today:

Wow, just wow! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Just yesterday I read an article on MSN regarding the use of Ice fishing huts for the homeless in the city of Halifax and how popular they have become. I mentioned the article to Ed Pickersgill who runs the Out of Poverty program named "The Bench" in downtown Guelph.

Now I know that ice fishing huts might be hard to get in our area, but there are so many other options for better shelter than tents; like wooden garden sheds, converted shipping containers, small trailers, etc.

Also, Kitchener was able to build a "better tent city". Why can't we do something similar here?

Can't we come up with a piece of unused land? What is the problem with our officials that they turn a blind eye to the suffering of our homeless population; which, by the way, is ever increasing?

Something needs to be done!!

Margarete Bluhm