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LETTER: Proportional representation will restore democracy

Democracy has been dismantled in Canada for over 100 years, writes Guelph reader
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GuelphToday received the following letter from Paul Baker regarding strong mayor powers: 

A century of democracy at risk.

Democracy has been dismantled in Canada for over 100 years. Ontario's strong mayor powers is just the latest example, so Susan Watson's statement that "These Ontario municipalities appear to be the only jurisdictions among Western democracies where a 1/3 vote will carry the day" is incorrect.

Federally, provincially, and municipally, we've seen 100 per cent of political power conferred on those winning elections with less than 40 per cent of the vote. Indeed, in Ontario, Doug Ford took power in the last election with less than 30 per cent of eligible voters choosing him.

Our first-past-the-post system is archaic and undemocratic, and we all deserve better. Proportional representation will restore democracy. The status quo will continue to erode it.

Paul Baker