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LETTER: 'We can each contribute to creating peace in our own surroundings'

Fly the Canadian flag proudly every day, says reader
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Guelp;hToday recieved the following letter tot he editor from Georgine Willemsma:

On Nov. 11 and 11 a.m., I stood with dozens of customers inside Guelph‘s Bibles for Missions store. We had been invited to gather near the checkout for two minutes of silence.

The television screen at the front of the store provided footage from the ceremony in Ottawa. The black and white images of Canadian soldiers — fresh, young faces barely in their twenties — brought to mind the sacrifices that they and their families made for us decades ago. The older veterans in the Ottawa crowd, as well as the current young soldiers shown on the screen, reminded me that peace is never to be taken for granted. We can each contribute to creating peace in our own surroundings.

I wish to thank the employees and volunteers of Bibles for Missions for their annual Remembrance Day tribute. This occasion for reflection was so appreciated in a time when we must count our blessings each day. Let us fly our Canadian flags – not just on Canada Day and Remembrance Day – but each day in our homes and businesses in memory of those who once fought and now fight for our freedom.

Georgine Willemsma