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Be informed and test your home for radon gas

Radon test kits will be available to purchase at the session for the discounted price of 35 dollars
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Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health head office on Chancellor's Way. Tony Saxon/GuelphToday

In a Health Canada survey, close to 1 in 5 homes tested in Guelph were found to have dangerously high radon gas levels. Radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is hosting a radon and lung cancer information session on Monday, Nov. 5 at the West End Rec Centre in Guelph. WDG Public Health and Health Canada representatives will be available to answer questions at this free, drop-in event from 5-7:30 p.m.

Radon test kits will be available to purchase at the session for the discounted price of 35 dollars. During the month of November, discounted test kits can also be purchased online.

Radon is linked to 16 per-cent of lung cancer deaths in Canada. A naturally occurring gas, radon seeps into buildings from the soil and builds up to dangerous levels in many homes in Canada. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless, so unless you test for it you won’t know if your home has a high level of radon that is putting you at an increased risk of lung cancer.

Testing for radon is easy and inexpensive. You can buy an approved radon test kit or hire a certified radon professional. Radon testing should occur in the winter, over a minimum of three months. If the test indicates your home has a high level of radon, you can take steps to fix your home to reduce your family’s risk of lung cancer.



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