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Bookshelf to host highly-anticipated book launch

To celebrate Guelph's 190th birthday, 'Guelph: Our Gift to Canada' will be released this week
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On Nov. 3, 2017, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with noted Canadian landscape photographer Richard Bain and Binea Press Inc, will launch Guelph: Our Gift to Canada at the Bookshelf in Downtown Guelph.

In celebration of Guelph’s 190th birthday, the book contains images that depict our historical past, and our thriving manufacturing, service, innovation, education, and technology sectors. 

Guelph’s exceptional quality of life is portrayed through the beauty of our natural landscape, our prosperous downtown, and flourishing arts, culture and recreation communities.

“As a leading community in Canada, the Guelph Chamber was excited for the opportunity to tell the story of our great City through the lens of incredible companies and institutions,” says Kithio Mwanzia, president and CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce. “As a well known iconic landmark in downtown Guelph it is fitting that we would launch this impressive showcase of our city at the Bookshelf,” adds Mwanzia.

Binea Press has published numerous books for colleges, universities, and municipalities throughout Ontario. Included in its portfolio is Stratford with foreword by Christopher Plummer, Our London with foreword by Heather Hiscox, The Thames with foreword by Lloyd Robertson and McMaster University with foreword by Martin Short. We are thrilled to have global business leader Linda Hasenfratz authouring the foreword on this publication. 

We are proud to dedicate this project to Dr. William Winegard who has served our country in the second World War and served our city as both president and vice-chancellor of the University of Guelph and as our Federal Member of Parliament.

“As an organization, the Chamber of Commerce takes great pride in helping to tell the Guelph story both within our community and beyond. We believe ‘Guelph – Our Gift to Canada,’ has the potential to inspire our community to continue to work to ensure that we build upon our strengths each day,” concludes Mwanzia. 

The launch of Guelph: Our Gift to Canada will take place at 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 at the Bookshelf in downtown Guelph.



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