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Crews filming TV series at Elora Quarry for a few days

A publicist declined to give details on the production but it is likely an adaptation of sci-fi book series Murderbot

ELORA – Film crews will be on location at the Elora Quarry for a few more days filming a television show, although which show it is remains a mystery.

Officials are tight-lipped on the details of what exactly is being filmed but it could be an adaptation of science fiction book series Murderbot, being made for Apple TV+ starring Alexander Skarsgard. 

A publicist declined to go on the record but confirmed “Sanctuary” was being filmed at the Elora Quarry and crews would be on location for a few more days. The publicist declined to give any other details. 

On location shows are often given fake names to hide what is exactly being filmed.

A listing of film productions taking place in Ontario noted Sanctuary season one is being executive produced by brothers Paul and Chris Weitz. 

The Weitz brothers are the creators, writers, directors and producers of the Murderbot adaptation which has been filming in Toronto since the spring. 

A press release from Apple TV+ described Murderbot as an action-packed sci-fi series based on the award-winning books by Martha Wells about a self-hacking security android who is horrified by human emotion.

“Murderbot must hide its free will and complete a dangerous assignment when all it really wants is to be left alone to watch futuristic soap operas and figure out its place in the universe,” the release said.

Centre Wellington has been a popular spot for the cameras of late. In April, Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Elora filiming the Netflix series FUBAR.


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