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Federal funding bringing 87 EV chargers to Guelph by December

Guelph EV chargers included in an announcement of federal funding for more than 1,800 chargers to be installed across Canada
Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield announcing EV chargers to installed across Canada on Thursday in Guelph.

More electric vehicle chargers are coming to Guelph along with more than 1,800 chargers across Canada.

With funding from the federal government 24 EV chargers will be installed across Guelph through the City of Guelph and the other 63 through Alectra Utilities and Alectra Energy, plus Skyline Real Estate.

In total Skyline Real Estate will have 852 EV chargers installed across Ontario and five other provinces. Alectra Utilities and Alectra Energy Services will have 977 EV chargers across Ontario.

The chargers in Guelph will be ready to use by December.

Thursday’s funding announcement is a federal investment of $12 million provided through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program from Natural Resources Canada. The program gives funding to help implement EV chargers across Canada.

“The funding provided by the federal government through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program will help Guelph move forward with our Race to Zero goal to become a net-zero carbon community by 2050 or earlier by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie, in a press release.

“Canadians are making the switch to electric vehicles, which is why the Government of Canada is working with partners like Alectra, Skyline and the City of Guelph to deploy EV chargers across Canada,” said Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield, in a press release.


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