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Grant helps keep Guelph up and running

Up and Running Guelph received $19,700 Resilient Communities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation
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In April 2022, Up and Running Guelph was thrilled to receive a $19,700 Resilient Communities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). The grant was used to help Up and Running Guelph as they rebuilt and recovered from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic through investing in new technology and developing a business plan and comprehensive fundraising strategy. The project will be completed in April 2023 and will enhance their capacity to sustain and grow their operations and meet the changing needs of our community.

“As the Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph, I want to congratulate Up and Running Guelph upon receiving the Resilient Communities Fund Grant. I have had the privilege of working alongside Up and Running on many different occasions and am always impressed with the extent to which they go above and beyond to support our community. This grant will allow them to continue serving the people of Guelph through their many initiatives. Thank you for your service!” said MPP Mike Schreiner.

This funding enabled Up and Running Guelph to engage a consultant to facilitate a long-term planning process with their Board of Directors, staff, and key stakeholders that will diversify funding streams to enhance long-term capacity to deliver on their mission. It also allowed Up and Running Guelph to allocate critical staff time to develop and implement a fundraising strategy. Up and Running Guelph’s executive director has been able to work with the consultant and key stakeholders to review and revise their strategic plan and delve into priorities with a focus on finances and resource requirements for the sustained delivery of their mission and vision.

Since 2016, Up and Running Guelph has delivered nature-based walking and running programs that help people get active outdoors and connect with others for improved mental health and well-being. A growing body of research confirms that green exercise and social connections are key components of promoting positive mental health, and have significant benefits for stress, depression, anxiety, and social isolation. This grant has greatly enhanced the organization's long-term capacity to deliver on that mission and provide supportive, community-based green exercise programs for many years to come as part of overall mental health promotion.

"As an organization that supports mental health in our community, we are proud of our programs and what we’ve been able to accomplish over the last few years. As we emerge from the pandemic, our work is even more important. We appreciate our Ontario Trillium Foundation grant in helping us build and plan forward so we can continue to deliver on our mission,” said Annie Benko, board chair of Up and Running Guelph.

Up and Running Guelph is committed to removing barriers to getting active outdoors, ensuring that people who could benefit from the support of a group program are able to experience the mental health benefits of green exercise. If you would like to get involved or know more about Up and Running programs, please visit

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), an agency of the Government of Ontario, and one of Canada’s leading granting foundations celebrates 40 years of grantmaking in Ontario and making a lasting impact in communities. Last year, OTF invested nearly $209M into 2,042 community projects and partnerships, which included funding for the Government of Ontario’s Community Building Fund. Visit to learn more.



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