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Green Party spent the most locally in 2022 provincial election

Mike Schreiner's campaign spent nearly $170,000 in his 2022 re-election campaign
20220602 Mike Schreiner win 3 RV
Mike Schreiner address a crowd of supporters after winning the Guelph riding during last year's provincial election.

Note: Campaign expense figures in this article come directly from financial filings with Elections Ontario. A Green Party spokesperson points out the total expenses includes items exempted under the Ontario Elections Act such as transfers back to riding associations to assist with cash flow.

Last year’s provincial election saw Mike Shreiner’s campaign vastly outspend his Guelph riding competitors along the way to securing a second term as MPP.

In documents filed with Elections Ontario, the Green Party leader reports having campaign period expenses of nearly $170,000, which is almost double the second-highest amount – $86,965 for Liberal candidate Raechelle Devereaux, who finished in third place – and more than every other local campaign combined.

Their riding associations contributed a further $52,811 and $54,025 respectively.

The campaign period ran from May 12 to Sept. 2 of last year, with the election held on June 2.

Second place in the ballot race went to Progressive Conservative candidate Peter McSherry, whose campaign reported spending $4,397, with another $63,841 from the riding association.

Fourth-place finisher James Parr of the New Democratic Party had campaign expenses of $41,148 (with another $51,353 from the riding association), with $3,375 spent by the campaign for New Blue candidate Will Lomker, whose association added a further $1,200.

Most of Schreiner’s campaign expenses were covered by a $130,130 transfer from the Green Party of Ontario, with another $32,775 in donations and nearly $10 from “gear sales.”

Devereaux was the top local donation-getter, with $34,581 in contributions from the Ontario Liberal Party. She also received $50,541 from the Liberal Party.

There were $4,397 in contributions made to McSherry’s campaign, with the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario chipping in another $386.

The NDP Party of Ontario helped Parr out with $45,272. He also reported $2,924 in campaign contributions.

Lomker’s campaign received $835 in contributions, with another $2,540 from his party.

Candidates Juanita Burnett of the Communist Party and Paul Taylor of None of the Above reported having no campaign expenses and receiving no contributions or other income.


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