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Guelph photographer captures spectacular Northern Lights display

It was a little chilly, but it was worth it for Raghuvamsh Chavali, who spend two hours shivering just outside Guelph to capture some great images early Friday morning
A Guelph resident captured the Northern Lights in all their glory just north of Guelph just after midnight Friday.

A Guelph amateur photographer captured a spectacular shot of the Northern Lights very early Friday morning.

Raghuvamsh Chavali came to Canada from India in 2021 and had never really experienced the spectacular display.

Thursday night he headed out of town away from any light polutiion and set up his gear on a night where the nights were expected to be on display on a level rarely seen. 

First he went to Guelph Lake, "but there were too many trees." Then he went a little further north toward Fergus where he got his shots, putting them together in a compilation video.

"It was pretty amazing," said Chavali, noting it was his first time seeing the Northern Lights. "It was spectacular."

Chavali said he monitored the aurora forecast website and got a notice that the night was going to be a good one.

"I noticed faint stripes in the distance. I drove towards the outskirts of town and witnessed an awe-inspiring display of the Northern Lights," he said in an email.

"Living in southern Ontario, it's not often that we get to witness such a natural light show. However, the geomagnetic field was expected to be unsettled to major storm levels, and it did not disappoint. The vivid green and purple hues were mesmerizing and difficult to look away from.

"Despite shivering in the cold, I felt grateful for this incredible experience. It was a reminder of the power and majesty of nature and how fortunate we are to witness such rare and breathtaking events."


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