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Informal vote sees Guelph against private for-profit health care

A total of 4,276 votes were cast for the Ontario Health Coalition regarding private-for-profit health care
Voting pamphlets from a polling station on Saturday.

Guelph and surrounding areas had a count of 4,276 votes and 97 per cent said no against private-for-profit health care during an informal poll held by a local healthcare coalition on the weekend.

The province-wide referendum was a response to the provincial government’s efforts to increase private-for-profit hospital services and clinics, said in a press release.

The polls were run by volunteers and organized by the Ontario Health Coalition. Polling stations were located in shopping centres, community centres, parks, churches, drop-in centres, homes, and small businesses.

The referendum asked voters if they wanted public hospital services to be privatized and for-profit. Based on the votes it seems voters are concerned about a move to private-for-profit health care, said in the release.


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