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It's official: city will no longer collect grass clippings

Part of the updated waste management bylaw passed by council Monday
grass lawn

It’s official. The city no longer wants your grass.

At Monday’s planning meeting of Guelph City Council the new waste management bylaw was officially passed.

The biggest changes is that the city will no longer be collecting grass clippings either in green carts or in the yard waste collection.

The city says grass clippings “add unnecessary costs” to the city’s operations and that the grass clippings are better left on people’s lawn to help fertilize.

A survey done as part of the waste bylaw update showed that 76 per cent of respondents agreed with banning grass clippings from waste collection.

An awareness and education program will be launched by the city.

The new bylaw will also see the city stop collecting medical waste, which it does for roughly 30

locations in town right now. Those locations, which include doctors, dentists, veterinarians and tattoo parlours, will now have to start using private collection services as most already do.


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