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Licensed patio request returns for ‘Canada's smallest bar’

If unchanged request is approved, the patio is to be shared with a small art gallery and coffee shop

A proposal to expand ‘Canada’s smallest bar’ with outside service is back on the table. The owner of the building with Standing Room Only, located in The Ward, is once again seeking the city’s permission to set up a licenced patio.

The unchanged request was deferred last summer, after area residents and others raised a number of concerns regarding use of the triangular-shaped lot at 60 Ontario St. That request will make its return to the committee of adjustment for consideration on April 11.

“While no changes have been made to the request for minor variance, we have made efforts to address all questions and concerns,” states a consultant’s letter heading to the committee on behalf of the owner, Mike Watt.

Ahead of the deferral last June, the committee heard concerns about noise, parking, garbage and public urination – all existing issues people worried would become worse if a licensed patio were to be allowed.

Watt is asking for permission to build a 20-person licensed patio that would be shared by the building’s three tenants – a nine-person capacity bar, a small art gallery and a coffee shop.

In order to address some of the concerns raised in June, the consultant’s letter explains a second bathroom is being added to the bar and there’s a pledge in place to end alcohol sales at 11 p.m. daily.

In terms of noise, the consultant insists that’s the responsibility of patrons and not the businesses. The same goes for any on-street parking, as there are no parking spaces provided now or in the patio plan.

Patio lighting is to consist of string lights that “glow” – something akin to deck lighting used regularly in residential areas.

The deadline to submit written comments to the committee of adjustment ahead of its April 11 meeting is noon on April 4. To speak to the committee about the request, delegates must register by noon on April 10  – call 519-822-1260 ext. 2524 or email [email protected].


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