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New Hanlon Creek Park splash pad will use 100 per cent renewable energy

New splash pad will feature an updated high-efficiency re-circulation water system
splash pad
The new Hanlon Creek Splash Pad will be opening in 2021.




The City has launched a design for the new splash pad and washrooms at Hanlon Creek Park, which will be built in spring 2021.

The new fully-accessible splash pad and washrooms will feature new splash pad equipment with accessible surfacing, barrier-free washrooms including one universal washroom that is gender-neutral, water fountain, solar shade pergola and seating, including picnic areas and tables.

The splash pad and washrooms at Hanlon Creek Park are being replaced because they have reached the end of their lifecycle. The new splash pad will include an updated high-efficiency recirculation water system, that automatically monitors water quality, requiring fewer chemicals to treat the water.

A solar pergola and solar panels on the washroom roof will use renewable energy to supply 100 per cent of the splash pad’s energy needs.



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