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Thursday is FASD Awareness Day

Everyone is encouraged to wear red; a shirt, shoes or anything red, and take a selfie
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Sept. 9 is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day. FASD Day, and the month of September, is devoted to raising awareness of FASD to improve prevention, diagnosis and support for individuals with FASD.

Dufferin Wellington Guelph FASD is committed to helping with this endeavor, while challenging stigma and current misinformation about FASD. To show your support, we encourage everyone to wear red; a shirt, shoes or anything red, and take a selfie. Tag us on Facebook at Dufferin Wellington Guelph FASD using the hashtags #DWGFASD #FASDis to be entered into a draw for your chance to win a gift card.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong disability that affects the brain and body of individuals who were exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.

Each person with FASD has unique strengths and challenges, and may need support with motor skills, physical health, learning, memory, attention, emotional regulation and social skills. Support and resources are essential to help individuals succeed with different parts of their daily lives.

It is estimated that over 50 per cent of Canadian pregnancies are unplanned and that up to 60 per cent of women do not know they are pregnant early in their pregnancy. Current studies and research suggest that up to 4 per cent of individuals in Canada have FASD (1 in 25 or 1,451,600 Canadians). There is no safe time, no safe amount and no safe type of alcohol to consume in pregnancy.

For more information about Dufferin Wellington Guelph FASD services, please visit or you can contact FASD Coordinators, Tara Leskey at [email protected] or at 519-941-1530 ext 237 or Jennie Hilts at [email protected] or at 519-941-1530 ext 386.




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