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U of G sessional lecturer dropped after controversial paper surfaces

The paper suggests dating is hard in modern times because 'girls enjoy rejecting boys,' give 'strange excuses' for rejection, lead 'boys' on, and that feminism is 'out of control'
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University of Guelph

An engineering instructor is no longer teaching at the University of Guelph after a paper surfaced suggesting controversial views on dating including student-professor relationships, that girls enjoy rejecting boys, and that feminism is “getting out of control.”

The paper in question, published in December 2023 with the instructor as the sole author, is titled On the Challenges of Dating and Marriage in the New Generations.

In it, he argues dating and marriage have “gotten hard in the new generations” because “girls” might lead “boys” on “because females are usually nicer than males,” because “some girls enjoy rejecting boys,” because “girls” give “strange excuses” when rejecting love interests, or because it’s difficult to tell whether a “girl” is taken, and that “most” of them are. 

“The challenges reported in this paper are realistic because they are based on the experiences of real people including me, my family, my friends, others, and the people I have talked to or have interacted with in my life so far,” the paper reads. 

GuelphToday is not naming the instructor, who has expressed mental health concerns recently.

The paper also laments about the difficulties when it comes to professors dating students (in a section titled Difficulties of Hunting at Work). 

“It is still risky for professors to date students because the student may falsely accuse the professor for sexual harassment in the university, even if it was a simple dating. In such cases, schools usually take the side of students especially if the student is a female,” it states. 

“Moreover, even if everything is respectful and the professor gets a negative answer from his student after asking her out, it will make it awkward for both the professor and the student to participate in the class and to continue the course or project in the semester(s).”

Spokesperson for the University of Guelph Jessamine Luck confirmed the sessional lecturer is “not currently teaching at the University of Guelph” Friday. 

“We are investigating and addressing this in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures. We’re unable to provide additional information at this time as the University cannot discuss employee matters,” she said. 

Local news outlets have reported the instructor is no longer teaching at the University of Waterloo either. 

In a video posted Thursday, the instructor posted a video about a new paper titled “My Respect and Opinion for All Genders, Including Females, Worldwide.” 

“I hold profound respect for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.” 

In the video, he says he has demonstrated that respect throughout his career, and that his best students and teaching assistants have been female. 

He said his family raised him to respect everyone, including women, and that many women inspired him to pursue science. 

He also goes on to say “I have a girlfriend and I really love her,” and that he writes poems for her. 

“I’m proud that I tried my best to teach with high quality, as far as I can,” he said.

The instructor did not respond to request for comment. 


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