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Update on area flood warnings

Flood Warning extended for southern Grand River; Water Safety Message remains for entire Grand River watershed
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The Grand River Conservation Authority is issuing the following flood warning message update. Flood warnings continue for the southern Grand River. A water safety message is in place for the entire Grand River watershed.

Flood Warning

Haldimand County / Byng Island Conservation Area / Trailer Parks in Southern Grand River Watershed

Flows in the Grand River have peaked and are receding. Flows in the Grand River from Caledonia south to Port Maitland are still at flood stage, low lying areas and some trailer parks are stilling flooded.  Flows are expected to recede below flood thresholds in the southern river by late Monday evening. 

Watershed Conditions Statement- Water Safety Grand River

Stay Safe

Grand River watershed residents should be aware that flows remain much higher than normal and are not safe for recreational activities at this time.  There is a significant amount of debris moving downstream as a result of this event. This debris can pose a risk to recreational users at this time. Municipal staff should inspect municipal bridges, dams, and culverts for debris blockages.

The public is reminded to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time and, when combined with current weather conditions, pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from all watercourses.

This message will remain in effect until noon on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017.  Updated flood messages will be issued as conditions develop.



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