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We are Guelph’s exclusively online news and information website and our top priority is to cover all the important issues that matter to you. We focus and invest in the stories that you, our readers, find important. We update throughout the day, so each time you come back to visit, chances are you’ll find something new.
GuelphToday provides local news and information.

Desktop? Mobile? Tablet? Definitely. We are optimized to give you the best reader experience in any format you choose.

GuelphToday is part of the Village Media network, which operates some of the largest online news sources in the communities they serve.  

In addition to hard news, GuelphToday also provides information that is important to the community.  We like to profile new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about issues that impact the heart of the community.  

Although we are always local in our approach, we also provide national news from The Canadian Press, editorial columnists, entertainment and special features. Guelph columnists Owen Roberts and Scott Tracey will be contributing.

We are excited to announce that Tony Saxon and Rob O’Flanagan, two top-notch journalists, are part of the GuelphToday newsroom. In addition, we have a local freelance team.

At GuelphToday, we’re independent and it shows in everything we do. And we promise that we’ll remain fiercely local. Like you.

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