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Guelph Marlins swim to success at Splash and Dash

The Marlins will be the WOSA LC Regionals in Windsor in early-June

The Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club’s (GMAC) were back in the pool for their annual Splash & Dash Long Course meet that took place over the days of May 12-14. The Marlins welcomed eight visiting teams and their over 430 swimmers from all over Ontario which was hosted out of the Victor Davis pool in Guelph. 

Many teams were using the meet for their athletes to secure qualifying standards or secure additional swims for upcoming championship meets whether it be Regionals, Festivals, Ontario Youth Juniors, or Ontario Swimming Championships.     

Pavlo Illichov, Guelph Marlins' coach, European Championship, and Olympic swimmer who newly immigrated to Guelph last August due to the war in the Ukraine was pleased with the swimmer’s results.

“I am amazed by the dedication and hard work of the swimmer. It’s inspiring to see the swimmer’s commitment to excellence and their willingness to push themselves to reach their goal. The camaraderie and support among the swimmer is outstanding, and is essential for each and every swimmer’s success.”

Many visiting teams made the meet a team travel which was the first for some due to COVID. The building was loud at times with the excitement and cheering from their teammates.

Teams visiting included: Breakers Swim Team, Club Warriors, Collingwood Clippers, Lakeshore Swim Club, Oakville Aquatic Club, Orillia Channel Cats,, Region of Waterloo, and the Toronto Swim Club.   

Looking ahead, the Guelph Marlins will be competing at WOSA LC Regionals in Windsor June 2 to 4 and are sending approximately 50 athletes to compete against the top swimmers across the western region.

Top 3 results from Splash and Dash:

50 Free – Madden, Fyn, Charlotte, Julian – 1st; Brianna, Alex – 2nd; Lauren V, Lauren P – 3rd
100 Free – Andrea, Matthew M – 1st; Andrew, Madden – 2nd; Nadia – 3rd
200 Free – Charlotte, Andrea, Jacob, Aidan, Madden – 1st; Noah – 2nd; Nathan – 3rd
400 Free – Madden, Matthew – 1st; Abby, Jacob, Aidan – 2nd; Noah – 3rd
50 Back – Madden, Fynn – 1st; Nihinsa, Charles, Sanija, Aly – 2nd; Aidan, Nadia, Alexli – 3rd
100 Back – Nadia, Madden, Fynn, Alex G – 1st; Matthew M– 2nd; Lauren V – 3rd
200 Back – Lauren V, Charlotte, Matthew – 1st; Paige, Jenna, Julian Noah – 2nd; Nadia, Aly, Nihinsa, Caelan, Alex G – 3rd
50 Fly – Julia, Madden, Fynn, Alex G – 1st; Alexli, Julian – 2nd; Nadia, Charlotte, Matthew M – 3rd
100 Fly – Madden, Faith – 1st; Jenna, Nathan, Andrew – 2nd; Noah, Alexli, Brianne – 3rd
200 Fly – Faith, Andrea, Alex G, Fynn – 1st; Andrew – 2nd; Paige – 3rd
50 Breast – Nadia – 1st; Ethan, Fynn, Darragh, Alex G – 2nd; Angela, Julian – 3rd
100 Breast – Nadia – 1st; Fynn, Andrew, Darragh – 2nd; Alex G, Julia, Madden – 3rd
200 Breast – Jenna – 1st; Allison, Angela – 2nd
200IM – Fynn, Brianne, Julian – 1st; Charlotte, Andrea, Jenna – 2nd; Aly, Caelan, Julia – 3rd
400IM – Rhya, Jenna, Julian, Andrew – 1st; Andrea, Jacob, Jackson – 2nd; Darragh, Aidan – 3rd



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