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Lost cat: NAYA


Please call 705 665 4446
Near Eastview Rd & Severn Dr. - GUELPH, ON
Small Black Bombay Female ~ 8-10 lbs.

Eye Color: Copper, Gold
Coat: Short, Smooth & Glossy
Colors: Black (hints of brown)
Neutered: Yes
Social: Easily Frightened by Loud Noises or Dogs, Anxious.
Responds to: Soft Voices, Gentle and Patient Petting (allow her to approach you) or Head & Ears Rubs, Turkey Stew Dinners, Hummus, Salty Cheese, Scratch Pads, Lazer Pointers, HeadButts.
Health: Good; Great strength. She is a good climber, jumper and hunter. Easily fits and hides into small areas. Typically avoids traffic, loud noises or busy areas; mainly lingers in Nature.


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