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My cat went missing about 65 hours ago (6pm on November 14th 2018) on Ryde Road (Imperial and Paisley intersection). Searched for him outside for 2 hours straight. I called the Guelph Humane Society to report a lost cat and as of right now I am putting up this ad. I have put up posters at the nearest pet stores and mail boxes. I'm not sure as to where else I should be placing these 'missing cat' posters :( I did also visit the Guelph Humane Society to check if someone had dropped him off there. I don't know what else I can do to help find him. Please email me suggestions :(

Niko is a 2.5 year old DSH brown tabby with black stripes down the sides of his body. These stripes become less defined the closer they are to his stomach. He has white patches on his chin and between his legs. He is 11.5 pounds and is not wearing his red collar at this moment. He does have a microchip. Please contact me at 519 400 3608 as soon as you find him.

Thank you oh so very much for reading this ad. I hope my little man comes home :(. Reward if found.

I have veterinarian paperwork and more pictures if his identity needs to be confirmed upon finding him.


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