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MILLAR, Lauretta Jean Millar (nee Emslie)

Millar Jean DN

Was born March 8th, 1921, the only child of Ernest and Mary Edith Ella; (nee Sheridan) Emslie. She spent most of her life around Guelph and area, and was best known by her middle name Jean. She attended school in Guelph and graduated high school and secretarial college. In her younger years she lived on College Heights, near the Agricultural College as her dad worked there in the area of animal husbandry. She married Gil Hammond on November 6, 1943 during the war. Her wedding dress was sewn by her mother and herself, out of silk. Gil who was in the army was able to get a well-used discarded parachute that became her wedding dress. After the war Jean and Gil moved to a small farm near Aberfoyle with some assistance from the government due to his war service overseas. 
Jean cultivated a small market garden and sold the produce to neighbours and people in Guelph. 
Jean was well known in and around Guelph due to her church activities and due to her work at Kelly’s Music Store in downtown Guelph. The job was a love for Jean due to her love of music and musical abilities. She was an accomplished pump organ player, piano player, a small accordion player and singer. Jean often performed at church playing the piano and singing. She also acted out skits and entertained people at old age homes. In later years she was often older than many of the people she performed for. 
Gil passed in 1978 after a lengthy illness which forced Jean to live alone until the mid-eighties when Lloyd renewed an acquaintance with Jean. In their younger years the Emslie and Millar families visited each other. At the time Lloyd being seven years older than Jean there was no romantic spark. Both however remembered a trip through a field where Jean had stepped on a thistle and had several thistles in her foot. Lloyd ever the gentleman removed them and assisted her home. 
After a brief courtship Jean and Lloyd were married in Guelph in 1985. They initially lived on Skov Avenue in Guelph then moved to Riverside Residences on the Park, both appreciating the love and company of each other. There were several trips that included Europe, Newfoundland, Eastern Canada and the United States. Both were avid travellers but Jean never did drive any vehicle. She did however have in her possession a valid back seat drivers’ licence issued by the Government of Ontario, which she often used. 
With her second marriage Jean became step-mother to Murray and daughter-in-law Donna, grandmother to Michelle and great grandmother to Hannah and Chloe. She was also an adopted mother (auntie) to Cynthia. 
Jean and Lloyd lived happily together until August of 2001 when Lloyd passed. Jean often spoke of these two men, both who had wanted to be in the medical field, both had served in WWII, both were educated, both were mechanically inclined and both died on the same day, August twenty-two. 
Jean was a faithful church goer and supported them with her singing, performance and an undying faith in God. This faith was practiced daily and was visible in her acts of charity, friendship and concern for the health and well-being of those around her and in other countries. She freely contributed to several charities that simply followed the rule of looking after and caring for those less fortunate with respect. 
Jean continued to live on her own at Riverside, continuing her love of going out with friends and family. At her condo no one ever left hungry as Jean was always the perfect hostess ensuring all her guests were looked after. Socially she seemed to be out and about every day and at church every possible Sunday. 
As many know, Jean collected a vast array of salt and pepper shakers. These were always at the table and everyone was delighted to have their own to use. Jean also had quite the collection of clip-on earrings—a pair to match every outfit, Jean always being the stylish one. She had a particular red hat that everyone who knew her associated her with. 
Jean was well read and kept up on current events and world affairs. She was knowledgeable of the world around her and could always be counted on for an informed and sensible opinion. She was strong, smart, had a great sense of humour and was compassionate and loving. 
Jean lived independently until February 2016 when ill health required that she received assistance with everyday life skills. Initially she was placed at Norfolk Manor in Guelph where she had often performed for their residents. A further setback in August required surgery and the Guelph General Hospital and rehab at St. Joseph's. 
Jean was transferred to the Long Term Care Facility Wellington Terrace outside Guelph in December 2016.
Special thanks to staff at Norfolk Manor, Guelph Hospital, St. Joseph, Village of Riverside Glen and Wellington Terrace. 

Friends will be received at the WALL-CUSTANCE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL, 206 Norfolk St., Guelph on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 from 1:00 until 1:30 p.m. Service will be held in the funeral home chapel at 1:30 p.m. Memorial contributions to the charity of your choice would be appreciated. 

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