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$13,000 worth of wiring stolen from north end business

Also stolen a generator and scrap, with the total value of items stolen over $25,000 in an incident caught on security camera
Guelph Police Service rear of vest

Guelph police are investigating after more than $13,000 worth of wire was stolen during a break-in to a north end business.

Monday morning, an employee of a business near Curtis Drive and Monarch Road arrived at work and discovered the break-in. Surveillance video showed two males arriving at the business just after 1 a.m. Sunday and breaking a lock to open the gate and gain access to the compound. They began unspooling and cutting wire and loading it into their van. The males also broke into a trailer and stole a Honda generator and cables and also stole an unknown quantity of scrap wire. The total value of the theft is in excess of $25,000

Both males were wearing face coverings and arrived in a white panel van with no markings.