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80 charges for man police say brought children along to help swindle banks

Police say a man and woman came into banks with small children in tow, convincing the banks to waive hold periods on cheques because they had to feed their children

A Brampton man faces more than 80 fraud charges related to crimes in Guelph and elsewhere in the province.

Between May and July, 2022, a man and woman attended TD Canada Trust branches around Southern Ontario, usually with one or more small children in attendance. They opened bank accounts in false names and presented forged cheques from a well-known employer, claiming they needed cash urgently to feed their children and often causing the teller to waive the hold period.

The couple then attended ATMs and deposited more cheques, withdrawing as much cash as possible. The total loss to TD is estimated at more than $55,000.

On Friday a 26-year-old Brampton man turned himself in to Guelph Police. He is charged with more than 80 counts of fraud and uttering forged documents. He will appear in court January 9.