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Vehicle stolen in Guelph recovered in massive border sting

Police services recovered 598 vehicles as part of Project Vector
Canada Border Services Agency have worked with police forces to to recover suspected stolen vehicles from shipping containers destined for overseas markets.

A vehicle reportedly stolen in Guelph and destined for another country has been recovered.

Project Vector, a multi-jurisdictional stolen vehicle recovery police operation, has recovered 598 vehicles from sea containers in Montreal since December.

One of those vehicles recovered was reported stolen in Guelph.

Most of the vehicles were reported stolen to police services in the Greater Toronto Area. Five were reported stolen to Waterloo regional police.

"The recovered vehicles have been connected to various types of vehicle crimes, including carjackings and home invasions," the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau and Canada Border Services Agency said in a joint news release.

The investigations into these stolen vehicles are ongoing.

The group said police services of jurisdiction are responsible for those investigations, including any arrests.

The CBSA says it works regularly with Quebec's provincial police force, Montreal Police and the Equite Association to inspect sea containers they suspect have stolen vehicles inside of them.

It says since December, 390 shipping containers have been inspected. Of the 598 vehicles recovered, 483 of them were from Ontario.

Those vehicles recovered from Ontario have been valued at a combined $34.5 million.