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Marlins perform well at June Splash Meet

Next up is the Ontario championships

he Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club (GMAC) recently hosted the June Splash Meet on June 10 at the University of Guelph pool. The meet featured three groups from GMAC: the Blue Marlins, Jr Marlins House League, and Sr Marlins House League, comprising a team of 70 + novice swimmers. They competed against 300 swimmers from six visiting swim clubs.

The Blue Marlins and Marlins House League groups consist of novice-level swimmers who are practicing between two and three times a week from the end of September until early June. They participate in four to five competitive racing meets throughout the season. This allows them a taste of competitive swimming without the commitment. This marks the end of the season for these group with many of them obtaining personal best times.

Incoming coach for the fall, Hendrik van der merwe, Tokyo Paralympic 2020 swimmer and seasoned coach, who was in town visiting from South Africa was impressed with the swimmers and the structure of the club. “You can see the development of each swimmer based on their end of year results at the meet.  Wonderful enthusiasm and team atmostphere.”

The meet featured relays, which is always a favorite among swimmers. The visiting teams included Club Warriors, Chatham Y Pool Sharks, Georgina Rapids, Halton Hills, Region of Waterloo and St Thomas Jumbo Jets.

Looking ahead to this weekend will see qualified swimmers competing at Ontario Championships, both Ontario Festivals for 13 and under and Ontario Youth Junior Championships featuring 14 and over swimmers. 

Top 3 results from June Splash Meet

25 Free: Natalie (1st), Hudson (1st), Bentley (1st), Liv (2nd)
50 Free: Tessa (1st), Ciara (1st), Kalei (1st), Alex G (1st), Lydia (2nd), Isabella (2nd), Soloman (2nd), Oliver (3rd)
100 Free: Ciara (1st), Kalei (1st), Hudson (1st), Kai (2nd), Abraham (2nd), Brianne (3rd), Carys (3rd)
200 Free: Ciara (1st), Joann (1st), Claire (2nd), Gabriel (2nd), Ben H (3rd), Kaitlyn K (3rd)
25 Back: Bentley (2nd)
50 Back: Tessa (1st), Molly (1st), Madison (2nd), Lexie (3rd)
100 Back: Hudson (1st), Scott (2nd), Kai (2nd), Kaitlyn K (2nd), Kye (2nd), Sam (3rd), Anthony (3rd)
25 Br: Simona (1st)
50 Br: Clair (1st), Alex G (1st), Griffin (1st), Malin (2nd), Nelly (2nd), Samantha (2nd), Soloman (2nd), Molly (3rd), Kaitlyn P (3rd), Abraham (3rd)
100 B: Angelina (2nd), Ariana (3rd), Abraham (3rd), Reid (3rd)
25 Fly: Lydia (1st), Ben H (1st), Madison (2nd), Livia (3rd), Bentley (3rd)
50 Fly: Emma (1st), Isabella (1st), Sofia (2nd)
100 Fly: Isabella (1st), Jackson (1st), Brianna (3rd)
100IM: Tessa (1st), Kalei (1st), Claire (1st), Lydia (2nd), Samantha (2nd), Griffin (2nd), Hannah (3rd), Ariana (3rd), Kai (3rd), Anthony (3rd), Jacob (3rd)



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