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Marlins split up for Ontario provincial-level meets

Swimmers attend meets in Markham, Etobicoke over the weekend

The Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club (GMAC) split up some of their qualified athletes this weekend, with 7 swimmers age 14 and over travelling to Ontario Youth Junior Championships (OYJ) in Markham and another 11 swimmers 13 and under travelling to Festivals in Etobicoke this past weekend.

Both meets are championship meets that allow qualified swimmers to compete against some of the top swimmers across the province.  Those over qualified will be seen competing at next month’s Ontario Swimming Championships (OSC) and August’s Canadian Junior Championships(CJC).  

Julian Twist was GMAC’s top performer in the 14-year-old male category at OYJ’s, capturing a top three finish in all of his races, qualifying for Ontario Swimming Championships, and 2 qualifying times in 50 Free and 100 Free for the Canadian Junior Championships this August in Toronto.

"All of my races felt really good, and I definitely surprised myself with some of them; all of the training has paid off.  I am extremely grateful to my coaches and teammates for their encouragement and am looking forward to racing at OSC’s in July," says Twist who joined the Marlins in Fall 2021 after his family moved from the Ottawa region.

Over at Festivals, it was 12-year-old Fynn O’Rourke who not only secured 7 gold medals in all 7 of his races, but he achieved personal bests, top 10 club record standings, and new OYJ qualifying times.

Notably, Caelan Wombwell and Charlotte Harvey both achieved an OYJ qualifying time in the events 100 Back and 50 Free, respectively. 

Although Guelph Marlins coach, Laura Nicholls, GMAC’s Director of Age Group & Development, and two-time Olympian could not be in both places at once, she stayed on top of all results from Festivals on Saturday and Sunday.

“We had a lot of first-time qualifiers for Festivals which was great to see and allows these athletes to have exposure to a higher level of competition.  I’m proud of all of the athletes for their growth and development over the season and look forward to their continued development next season and beyond,” said Nicholls.

Looking ahead to this weekend will see a large group of swimmers heading to their final meet in Burlington where swimmers get an opportunity to compete in an outdoor pool.  This will mark the end of the season for most athletes.


Julian: 100 back 2nd, 50 Free 1st, 200 Free 2nd, 100 Free 1st, 200IM 3rd, 200 Back 2nd, 400 Free – 3rd

Noah: 100 Back 16th, 200 Fly 8th, 200IM 18th, 200 Back 17th

Aidan: 50 Free 25th, 100 Free 21st, 100 Back 20th

Andrew P: 100 Back 28th, 100 Free 45th, 50 Free 39th

Allison: 50 Free 54th, 200 Breast 38th, 100 Breast 25th, 200IM 44th

Jake: 50 Free 13th 200 Free 29th, 100 Fly 31st, 100 Free 18th

Andrew A: 50 Free 19th, 200 Breast 18th, 100 Fly 23rd, 100 Breast 7th


Flynn: 200 Free 1st 50 Free 1st, 100 Back 1st, 400 Free 1st, 100 Free 1st, 200 Back 1st, 800 Free 1st

Madden: 200 Free 16th, 50 back 22nd, 100 Back 17th, 400 Free 20th, 200IM 15th, 100 Free 13th, 200 back 28th

Aly: 100 Fly 4th, 100 Back 11th, 200 Fly 5th, 200IM 6th, 200 Back 8th, 200 Breast 16th

Harrison: 200 Free 25th, 200 Fly 12th, 400 Free 22nd, 800 Free 16th

Nadia: 100 Breast 9th, 50 Back 20th, 100 Back 22nd, 50 Breast 12th

Charlie: 100 Fly 22nd, 100 Free 22nd, 200 Back 11th, 100 Back 10th

Caelan: 100 Fly 19th 200 IM 17th, 200 Back 6th, 100 Back 6th

Nathan: 50 Free 12th 100 Free 18th, 100 Back 19th

Charlotte: 50 Free 13th, 100 Back 8th, 100 Free 14th, 200 Back 11th

Alexli: 50 Back 13th, 50 Free 35th, 100 Back 25th, 200 Back 38th

Matthew: 50 Back 34th, 50 Free 55th, 100 Back 47th, 100 Free Matthew 36th

400 Free Relay 2nd , 200 Free Relay 2nd (Fynn, Charlie, Nathan and Caelan



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