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5 reasons why it's better to buy cannabis in Guelph from legal dispensaries

Avoid the consequences of illegal cannabis purchases

One of the initial consequences of the legalization of cannabis in Canada was an unexpected spike in black market sales, as regular users balked at the exorbitant prices being charged by licensed dispensaries. However, as craft businesses and large Canadian producers like Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis Inc have become more competitive, prices have dropped so significantly that legal retailers are now meeting or beating black market prices. 

That fact has many licensed dispensaries asking the question, why would anyone buy cannabis from black market dealers given the risks involved?  That sentiment is echoed by QBud Cannabis in Guelph, where they suggest five more reasons why buying legal is the better option. 

“The first advantage of buying from the legal market is you’re contributing to society’s legal tax revenue,” said Griffin Kennedy, shift manager and professional “budtender” at QBud Cannabis in Guelph. “When you purchase from the black market the profits are going only to the dealer or the person who supplies the dealer. None of that goes back to revenue for Canada. It diminishes the purpose of having a legal market.”

The second and most important reason to buy legal is safety. Kennedy says government marijuana is a guaranteed product that can be traced back to the farm where it was grown from seed to flower. 

“As a consumer if you’re buying from the black market, you have to trust your dealer,” said Kennedy. “Realistically a dealer can put any type of marijuana in a package and tell you it’s a particular strain or THC count.  With government marijuana you’re getting a clean product you can trace to the source. That gives  you piece of mind, especially for people who may be using it for purposes other than recreationally.”

The third reason to avoid black market dealers is that many of them are also dealing in many other types of illicit drugs, or selling products that could be laced with other substances such as fentanyl. Buying direct means you’re supporting small craft businesses, including many family-owned operations that are actually investing significant dollars into helping the Canadian cannabis industry grow. These small businesses also provide employment opportunities for individuals who have trained to work in the industry. 

The fourth reason Kennedy suggests buying legal cannabis is the fact the dispensaries help to educate consumers interested in buying cannabis for the first time. 

“When you’re buying from the legal market you get to learn things, like exactly what terpenes are going to work for you and how they might medically benefit you. It’s more than just getting high. You can discover exactly what you’re looking for from the product. Some people are looking for an anti-inflammatory. Some are looking to wake up in the morning. Some just want to be happy. Everyone has a vast and different reason as to why they’re consuming cannabis.” 

The final reason is simple: with a staff of professionally trained bud-tenders, QBud provides exceptional customer service and opportunity to learn more about the products you buy. Regardless of why you are buying cannabis, always purchase it from a legal dispensary like QBud. Visit them at 128 Wyndham Street North in Guelph. Or call 519.763.7837.