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Average price in Guelph real estate continues to slide as buyers take control

As the real estate market shifts, Beth and Ryan Waller, Guelph Realtors discuss the most common types of conditions in real estate offers today

With unusually large increases in interest rates, high inflation and an increase in Guelph real estate listings, home buyers have taken a cautious approach. This means a return of conditional offers in the market. 

Financing conditions are back to ensure buyers can get the best mortgage rate and terms and to ensure the home appraisal will be favourable.

Home inspection conditions return to allow buyers time to review the state of the property before making a decision to purchase.

Sale of property condition returns in some situations to allow buyers the time to list and sell their homes.

If you have any questions on the Guelph real estate market, call Beth and Ryan Waller, Guelph Realtors.

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