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Buy the roofing system that saves you money in the long run

Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System is an investment in quality

Not everyone who buys quality products stops to think about the meticulous engineering that goes into the creation of such goods. Most people are simply happy to know that the money they are spending is being invested in something meant to last a lifetime.

Your roof is protecting one of your largest and perhaps most valuable investment, so it would make sense to at least think about quality when considering a replacement.

According to the makers of Ontario’s top steel roofing system, buying quality roofing could actually be the best way to save money over the long haul.


“When it comes to steel roofing, the main value of it is that you’re only buying it once,” said Ryan Ware, CFO of Hy-Grade Steel Roofing in Guelph. “The fact is when buying a steel roof, you’re not buying a new roof every eight to twelve years. With inflation pressures the way they are, that could be even more significant than ever before because your next asphalt roof could be a lot more money than what you’re paying today.”

Ryan Ware, CFO of Hy-Grade Steel Roofing in Guelph

Through years of sophisticated research and development and more than three decades of innovation, Hy-Grade has perfected a top-quality, long-lasting steel roofing system. According to Ware, a Hy-Grade roof offers strong, silent protection along with exceptional resistance to seasonal expansion and contraction that can cause other roofing materials to fail long before their expected lifespan. While it may cost a little more compared to asphalt shingles, Ware says the steel roof actually saves consumers money in the long run, and not just because of the durability of roof.

“The other reason for investing in a steel roof is because it saves you money on your annual heating and cooling costs, especially the cooling. Because we double strap the shakes, and put an air space between your roof deck and the steel roof, you get rid of a ton of heat before it gets in your attic. That really helps reduce the cost of cooling your home. I’ve seen it in my own home. We had asphalt before. Since putting the steel roof on the air conditioning runs far less.”

Ware says that like asphalt shingle production, the cost of manufacturing steel shingles can be subject to market pressures, primarily because of the cost of oil in relation to the mining of steel and its production. However, Hy-Grade has always resisted buying cheaper steel manufactured in China, South America or Europe, choosing instead to buy only Canadian made steel produced in Hamilton. The reason for that is simple:

Canadian steel makes for a better product consistent with Hy-Grade’s mission to make the best roofing system possible.


“The problem with buying cheaper steel is you never know what you’re going to get. The consistency always changes. Canadian steel is consistent. It’s always good. We never have any issues with it. We know when it comes off the truck we’re going to use it.”

Given the consistent quality of their product, it’s no wonder Hy-Grade is able to offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and a 50 year no-leak warranty on their Canadian made roofing system. Still, there are homeowners who go the asphalt shingle route, choosing the cheaper up-front costs of asphalt over the long term value of steel. Ware says that consumers choosing asphalt based on the suggested lifespan shingle might be surprised on the actual durability of the product.

“Shingles we typically see installed based on their warranty, if it’s installed properly, it’s really about half of what’s being promised. When you get a good 25 year shingle, you’re going to get 12 years out of it. Honestly with our product, we believe it’s going to be around 100 years from now. We say 50 years because it’s going to be maintenance free for that long. After 75 years you may have had to paint it. The product, the fundamentals of it, will still be keeping the water out of your home long into the future.”

The Hy-Grade warranty is also fully transferable, so that people buying your house will see it as an investment.

Learn more about the cost-saving qualities of a Hy-Grade Steel Roof. For more information, call 855-494-7233. Or visit them online here.