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Circuit 33 training programs have positive impact at any age

Improve your fitness and your quality of life

Remember how easy it was in your twenties to bounce back from a hard day of work or a long night of clubbing? Your body was certainly a lot more resilient in those days regardless of your level of fitness. To maintain that youthful energy and quality of life as you age, it becomes increasingly necessary to take care of your physical health.  

Take Marina for example. Marina is an 89-year-old client of Randy Dowler, a veteran personal trainer and creator of the Circuit 33 method of fitness training. For the past 22 years, Marina has been following a customized regime of personal fitness that has helped her maintain a high degree of physical health, flexibility, and mobility. 

“What motivates me to work out is the desire to stay as physically fit as long as I can,” said Marina. “I enjoy training with Randy as he is always supportive with my well-being and keeps me on track with thoughtful routines to workout on my own.” 


At his Circuit 33 facility, Dowler and his team of professional trainers offer one-of-a-kind 33-minute circuit workouts that are infused with high-intensity cardio. The goal of each customized program is to help clients of all ages burn fat, build muscle, and level up their movement on their fitness journeys. 

“Through COVID it proved more than ever that as we get older it’s important to take personal responsibility for our health,” said Dowler. “I’ve got clients in their 40s who are already on blood pressure medications. I’ve got women in their 50s who come in with early onset of osteoporosis. The Circuit 33 program helps with bone density and increasing everyday strength. If you don’t take care of your body, everyday tasks become harder.” 


Circuit 33 differentiates itself from other gyms in that it is exclusively dedicated to only 75 members at a time. This allows the personal trainers to better focus on each member and ensure that each one is able to achieve their fitness results. This high level of focus and attention from the personal trainers begins as soon as clients join the gym, which is when trainers like Christina devise the “Game Plan” for each individual member.  

“I believe that fitness can benefit anybody and is extremely important,” said Christina, who has been with Circuit 33 for the past year. “Not only does it transform the body; it transforms your mind and gives you confidence in life. At Circuit 33 you have everything set up for you and a trainer there to help guide you. The time goes by fast, but the best part is, is that you really get a great workout and feel it. I’m proud to be part of the community at Circuit 33 and enjoy helping out members with effective and safe workouts.” 


The high success rate enjoyed by members of Circuit 33 is the result of the efficiency of the program. People today lead busy lives, so it becomes easier to commit to Circuit 33 given the short duration of the workouts. 

“The reason it works is because it’s only 33 minutes so the time excuses aren’t there. People come in three times a week. They get three balanced workouts with a personal trainer every week. With Circuit 33 all you have to do is show up. The trainer has everything set up for you. Within 33 minutes you get two muscle groups checked off with 33 minutes of cardio.” 

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