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Company benefits, training, are the marks of a good employer

Wm. Green Roofing sets a high bar for roofing companies

The large-scale temporary shutdowns across multiple industry sectors mandated during the COVID-19 crisis has given many workers time to re-evaluate their current job satisfaction levels. What many are discovering is a clear desire to change their circumstances; as a result, one in four workers plans to switch jobs in the coming year, lead by millennials and Gen Z individuals looking for better pay, better opportunity, flexible schedules, and various workplace benefits.

In the roofing industry, where fly-by-night operators often come and go like the seasons, smart companies are adapting to the new realities by offering better employment packages designed to entice new employees and help avoid labour shortages. A good example of such proactive policy is Wm. Green Roofing, one of Guelph’s most established roofing companies.

“What differentiates us is the fact we’re able to provide benefits and savings programs not offered by other companies,” said company spokesperson Dan Mohle. “Our benefit program provides comprehensive coverage to our employees and their families; while our savings program includes an RRSP where employee contributions are matched by the company. “The other part is the safety and manufacturer training that we’re able to provide.”

To become official installers of specific roofing products, roofing companies must provide manufacturer specific training to be able to offer clients full warranties on the roofing products. Such training not only ensures proper installation, it also provides workers with additional skills they can include on their resumes.

“To be part of the contractor programs we have to live up to our end which includes annual training for installers and warranty training for sales staff,” said Mohle.
“On flat roofing projects, for example, we’ll frequently have manufacturer inspectors come to the job site. It’s another way to ensure our quality meets and exceeds their standards.”

The impending shortage of experienced tradespeople is a growing concern in Ontario’s construction sector, and roofers are no exception. While there are many jack-of-all-tradespeople and DIY handymen who claim to be skilled roofers, only professional companies like Wm. Green Roofing can be trusted to deliver exceptional installation and after-sale service.

“We want to do things the right way,” he said. “It’s not necessarily always the fastest or easiest way, but we want to put on roofs that will last and give people the peace of mind that comes with that. Even if you’re putting on a great product, if it’s not installed properly, you’re going to have trouble down the road.

This year marks the 36th year of operation at Wm. Green Roofing, and working for a long-established company offering benefits, company vehicles, and training is a good place for interested workers to land.

For more information, drop into Wm. Green Roofing at 45 Dawson Road, Guelph. Or visit them online at