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Condo living in Guelph: A closer look with one of Guelph’s top agents

How to decide between the fantastic options available
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Guelph residents are lucky to have so many different condominium complexes to choose from. They’re truly spoiled for choice.

Not only are there many wonderful developments, but there are also some serious advantages to condo living as well.

“The advantage to condos is the shared cost and the ability for there to be a fluidity and a consistency throughout the complex,” says Andra Arnold, a top real estate agent in Guelph. 

Condominiums are ideal for those looking to do less work around the house. You won’t have to shovel the snow, weed the garden or mow the lawn. Because there are shared costs for maintenance and repairs, you don’t have to do any of that work yourself. This frees up your time and allows for a more hassle-free lifestyle.

Condo living also offers ease: it’s great for those who love to travel or who travel often for work. There’s a built-in community of fellow residents—a source of information, support and advice—which can be a real resource for seniors and those who live on their own. They are popular with empty-nesters, young couples and busy professionals.

Purchasing a condo is more affordable than your traditional single-family home. Many like the fact that condo living comes with access to great amenities, such as a fitness centre, tennis court or pool onsite. There is also often security on the premises.

“From townhouse developments and low-rise buildings to high-rise apartments, they all have so much to offer,” says Arnold.

Where should you start looking for a condo in Guelph?

In the North End, there are some beautiful townhouse complexes surrounded by old-growth forests and the river; others back onto the golf course. These types of complexes are best suited to retirees, those who are looking to downsize, and mature professionals who want a balance of outdoor and indoor living.

“The high-rises in the North End are very close to Riverside Park and basically all amenities. It’s as though they have their own neighbourhoods within the buildings themselves,” says Arnold. 

Heading downtown, it’s amazing how the population has grown exponentially, thanks to the addition of the Tricar buildings. They are in the heart of the city, so close to the River Run Centre for the performing arts and the Sleeman Centre, and they allow easy access to Guelph’s thriving downtown.

Kortright Hills also has a couple of lovely townhouse complexes. They’re a perfect balance, offering the advantages of both the neighbourhood itself and their own unique, small sense of community. They cater to everyone, from first-time homebuyers to long-term residents and retirees.

In the South End, you’ll find every type of condo. Choose from high-rise, low-rise, stacked towns, townhouses, even single detached with a condo element. There’s a huge diversity in residences here and something for everyone.

Each complex is completely unique, a world unto its own. “If there’s a specific area or neighbourhood you’re interested in, just give us a call and we can give you the full run down of the options available,” says the agent. 

Andra Arnold can be reached at 519-766-6041 or via email