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Custom orthotics manufactured right here in Guelph

BioPed’s Guelph Clinic Manager explains how their in-house orthotics lab benefits their patients

Custom orthotics that are manufactured specifically for an individual are useful in treating moderate to severe foot and lower limb issues. It is common for orthotics to be sent away to third-party manufacturing labs, but at BioPed’s in-house orthotics lab, pedorthists create custom orthotics for their patients on-site. 

I sat down with Meghan Knox, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist as well as the clinic manager at BioPed in Guelph, to find out more about their in-house custom orthotics lab.

What does “in-house manufacturing” mean when it comes to custom orthotics? 

“Our in-house manufacturing services means that we handcraft all of our own orthotics in our lab that is right here in our clinic. We are able to make your cast and then manufacture your orthotic on-site. There are a lot of different materials that we can use to be really specific.”

What are the benefits of manufacturing orthotics at BioPed’s lab?

“It is much faster to create custom orthotics ourselves because we are not sending your cast to a lab somewhere across the country. Some of the off-site labs can have a four-week turnaround time. For patients who require orthotics because of diabetes or wound care, that turnaround time can be a major problem. 

We are also able to do adjustments quickly. You can come in for a five or ten minute appointment where we can customize your orthotic right then and there.”

As a pedorthist yourself, how does the in-house orthotic lab impact your ability to treat your patients? 

“At BioPed, the pedorthist who performs your gait assessment also handmakes your orthotic for you. We have all of the materials, machinery, and everything we need right here in our lab. 

It is really great to be able to offer this kind of personalized care. As I’m assessing someone, I’m building the orthotic in my head. I can be a bit more accurate with the treatment when I know that I will be building it myself. 

What I love about my job is the opportunity to manufacture my own custom orthotics and the continuum of care I can provide to the patients I see. This allows me to provide the best care I can for the patients I see.”

To schedule a free lower limb assessment or to talk to a pedorthist about custom orthotics call BioPed at (519) 821-7310. Visit BioPed online or in person at 102 Wyndham Street North in Guelph.