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Downtown Guelph is open for business!

BioPed’s Meghan Knox says the area is still vibrant and exciting, even through the construction.

For Meghan Knox, BioPed’s clinic manager and certified Canadian pedorthist, downtown Guelph is an excellent place to spend time. Even though ongoing construction has made the area seem a little less inviting lately, there is still a lot going on.

“Downtown is still bumping and exciting. BioPed is still here seeing patients and we are still open for walk-ins even though there's still construction going on,” says Meghan.

Dining, Shopping, Services in One Place

“I love that downtown Guelph is different than anywhere else in the city. There are so many locally-owned and one-of-a-kind shops down here,” explains Meghan. “And if you like great food, there are so many incredible restaurants and bars to check out.”

In addition to shopping and restaurants, visitors can also find a wide variety hair and beauty salons, health and fitness spots, florists, fun escape rooms, and a vibrant nightlife.

Meghan adds, “Downtown Guelph is also home to our local hockey team, the Guelph Storm. You can have a great dinner out, catch a game, and then head to one of the local bars.”

Many people come downtown for healthcare appointments and then stay for a browse through the shops. In addition to BioPed, downtown Guelph is home to a number of healthcare professionals including doctors, dentists, massage therapists, and lab services.

BioPed Offers a Wide Range of Services

As one of the active healthcare professionals in the area, BioPed provides care in a number of ways. They offer lower limb assessments, advanced footcare nursing, in-house customized orthotics, footwear, braces, and compression solutions.

“We’re still here to help through the construction,” Meghan assures. “Our friendly staff are ready to help you with your feet and lower limbs. You can book an assessment, ask questions, or stop in and get help finding a really comfortable pair of shoes.”

Short Term Construction Pain for Long Term Gain

While the construction is inconvenient right now, the results will bring even more vibrancy to downtown Guelph. The new public library, increased downtown living options, and even more shops will make the area an even hotter destination.

“Even though it's very hard to park downtown right now, we're all open! It is still a great vibe and great atmosphere. There's still lots you can do down here,” says Meghan.

Feel free to stop in and to say hello anytime! Meghan and her team are conveniently located at 102 Wyndham Street North right here in vibrant downtown Guelph.

To schedule an assessment appointment, visit BioPed online or call (519) 821-7310.