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Everything you should know about car dent repair

It's important to repair dents and dings through professional car repair services as soon as possible

Denting your car is frustrating. Not only is fixing them expensive, but dings and dents can ruin the appearance of your car, increase the likelihood of developing rust, and reduce the vehicle’s resale value. That’s why it is important to repair dents, no matter how small or large, with professional dent repair services as soon as possible. 

Here’s a guide to everything you should know about dent repair, including the different repair methods, repair costs, and finding the best repair services.

The leading causes of vehicle dents

No matter how careful you are on the road, there are countless ways in which your car can be dented. Small dents can result when hail stones or small pieces of debris hit your vehicle. Unexpected events like a shopping cart hitting your vehicle in the parking lot can also cause tiny dents.

A door ding can occur if you open your door into a wall, barrier, or other vehicle. Another vehicle driver can also open their door close to your car, hit it, and cause a door ding.

The common causes of large car dents include being hit by large objects like falling branches, involvement in a car accident, and other significant impacts.

The difference between dings and dents

Numerous terminologies can be used to describe damage to a car’s bumper, paint, and body panel. Small damages can be referred to as a ding or a dent. While most people use these terms interchangeably, there is a difference.

A ding is a tiny, less significant area of damage on a vehicle that doesn’t qualify as a dent. A dent tends to be more significant and can damage your vehicle’s paint job or body panels. It costs more to repair a dent than a ding, and you will probably have to involve a repair professional.

The type of repair needed for a dent depends on the size, shape, and location of the dent. If a dent occurs on the body panel of your vehicle, it will require a different repair method than a dent on the bumper. Unlike body panels that are made from metal, steel or aluminum, bumpers are often made from plastic.

Are vehicle dents worth fixing?

It is best to have a dent in your vehicle repaired as soon as you notice it. Dent repair is not all about keeping your vehicle looking great. If you fail to repair a dent immediately, further damage might occur, leading to more expensive repairs. Dents can lead to moisture damage, especially if there is damage to the vehicle's body panels and paintwork. The common forms of water damage include rust and flaking.

Large dents caused by larger objects like a tree branch can cause structural damage to your vehicle, compromising its safety. Too many unrepaired dents can lower your vehicle's fuel economy, making it consume more gas.

Professional dent repair

It is best to work with a technician or an auto body repair shop if you want your vehicle to look as good as new after dent repair. Professionals have the right skills and tools to achieve the best quality results. 

You don’t always have to drop your vehicle at an auto body repair shop. Some technicians will come to you and repair your vehicle at your home or office. 

You should not work with the first repair professional you come across. Instead, you should contact several experts and compare their offers, mainly focusing on the pricing and turnaround time. By comparing several offers, you can choose a professional that suits your timeline and budget.

Paintless dent repair (PDR)

Abbreviated as PDR, paintless dent repair is a convenient and affordable way of repairing dents. This repair technique is ideal for dents that don’t have paint damage.

A PDR technician will come to you with the right tools to repair a dent. The repair can be completed in as little as two hours. Several factors affect the cost of paintless dent repair. The factors include the size and location of the dent and where you live. 

Here is what to expect:

  • $50 to $100 for small, light dents
  • $75 to $300 for medium dents
  • $300 to $500 for large dents

Auto body shop dent repair

If the dent is large or there is paint damage, you should work with an auto body shop that will repair the dent and repaint the affected area. You should also work with an auto body shop if you suspect that the dent is too deep and could have caused structural damage to your vehicle.

The cost of repairing a dent at an auto shop is likely to be higher, sometimes up to $2,000 or higher. It might make more sense to replace the entire body panel if the repair cost is more than $1,000 instead of just painting the dent. Sometimes, replacing the body panel can save you money.

You might be hesitant to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop due to the hefty repair costs involved. However, you should fix a dent as soon as it occurs. If you wait too long, you might incur higher repair costs in the future.

Finding reliable vehicle dent repair services

A ding, characterized by a small area of damage, is easy to repair. Round dents, which appear as circular indentations, need to be popped back out. Sharp dents are usually small but deep divots, making them challenging to repair. 

You should seek professional repair for crease dents characterized by long folds with paint damage. The most serious dents are large or multiple dents that often cause structural damage to a vehicle and can compromise its safety. 

No matter how minor a dent looks, it might be more severe than you think. It is always good to work with an expert.

Precision Dent Repair can help you repair dents on your vehicle to restore it to its former glory.